Dual Shower Heads


Dual Shower Heads - your search is over!

Two shower heads are definitely better than one!

Trying to alter your existing shower head set up without spending a fortune? Putting two shower heads on your existing shower pipe is easy and simple to do.

We offer 2 different types of dual shower head sets. The Dual Arm Shower Heads (pictured to the left) position 1 shower head at the wall like a normal shower head installation with the 2nd shower head out on the end of a double extension arm that can be adjusted up, down and/or out.

Each arm is 10 inches for a total of 20 inches of extension. Configure it exactly how you want it. Buy new shower heads or use your old shower head plus a second one. Now you can have 2 shower heads on the same shower pipe. Each should be controlled by it's own flow control valve that will control the water flow from full on down to a trickle. Use the shower head you prefer or both at the same time.

Dual shower heads side by side!

Our second option would be 2 Shower Heads side-by-side. Pictured to the left in Oil Rubbed Bronze with two powerful Giessdorf 6 Jet Shower Heads.

Use one shower head or both at the same time for an awesome invigorating shower experience.

Both shower heads are mounted on a solid brass bar. Easily installs on your existing shower arm pipe or if you want to raise the dual shower heads higher, try using one of our many adjustable or fixed shower head arms.

Offered in many different configurations and in popular designer finishes such as Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Titanium Gold and now beautiful Oil rubbed Bronze.

Ready to buy your very own dual shower head set? Visit our main site at Shower-heads.com for our different configurations, pricing and specs.

Most customers should have plenty of water pressure to run both heads at the same time but with reduced flow to each since since you are splitting the water between the two. We recommend using flow control valves behind each shower head so you can control the amount of water flowing through each one. The way you can increase the water flow to one head thereby getting a stronger spray from that shower head.

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